Features and Services

Taking care and helping new, and already established projects

Data Aggregation, Analytics, & Tracking

Our in-house indexing solution allows us to track and aggregate market, holder, and social media data about projects without relying on third-party APIs like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Are you a project that is just starting out? You can list on The Coin Logic and start tracking your metrics right away. Track your metrics, pair them with your events and announcements, and keep your community up to date!

Trustless Bridging as a Service

CryptoLink's TBaaS service allows projects to seamlessly transfer any token, NFT, or data across multiple blockchain networks with ease. With CryptoLink's service, projects can expand their reach and interact with new communities on different chains.

Contract Audits

Prisma Shield’s Deep Logic Audit is a thorough review of smart contracts that are conducted by humans. It not only checks for security vulnerabilities but also examines the code's mathematical precision and logical consistency to ensure that the smart contract adheres to the requirements outlined in the project's whitepaper and functions properly. As part of this service, Prisma Shield also performs testing on the main net and works closely with the project’s team to fully understand the project and provide the highest quality code reviews.


Assure is an impartial service that verifies, records, and securely stores identity information and project roles for individuals who go through the verification process. While Assure does not make decisions about potential criminal activity, they do assist with investigations if investors suspect fraud on a verified project.


Marketing is the best way to reach the masses and potential customers. Our partners at Cardinal House have great resources to help you market your project. Reach thousands of interested people through digital marketing, YouTube reviews, AMAs, community events, and more!

Community Events

A strong project has a strong community. We understand the importance of a well informed, active, and proactive communities. Our partners at Cardinal House provide the best community event management for DeFi projects. Build your community through game nights, giveaways, challenges, surprises, and more!


AMAs are a great way to reach new potential investors and get fresh eyes on your project. They serve as a very useful tool in sharing what your project is about and who the team is around the project. Contact Cardinal House to schedule an AMA!