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One-time only payment! No hidden monthly fees.
Our payment plans help any project get involved with The Coin Logic. Starting from a free Copper all the way up to our premium Palladium tier. Payment plans are applied to project listings. You can also upgrade at any time from your project's page.
Price: $0
The copper plan is a free tier that offers the following benefits: ✔ Price tracking ✔ Market cap tracking ✔ Discord Announcements Integration ✔ Discord Events Intgration Contact us if you want to make a donation.
Price: $300 (One-time)
The Silver plan includes everything from Copper: ✔ Social media tracking (Discord, Twitter, Telegram) ✔ Transparency score system (with community votes) ✔ Voting system for the community ✔ Comments system
Price: $900 (One-time)
The Gold plan includes everything from the previous plans: ✔ In-depth holders data tracking ✔ Market data tracking ✔ Open position for the project's community members to become editors and write blog posts on the project (AMA summaries, news coverage, etc.)
Price: $1,200 (One-time)
The Platinum plan includes everything from the previous plans: ✔ 3 months free license for TCL Marketing Campaign Tracker ✔ Free updates on future development and features
Price: $1,500 (One-time)
The Palladium plan includes everything from previous plans: ✔ Advertisement on TCL website ✔ Advertisement on TCL social media ✔ Advertisement on partners' media ✔ Free future updates on development Advertisement is done 3 times.

Take your planning to the next level

Make tracking different projects easier. Our Discord integrations allow us to track project announcements and upcoming events. The most important project updates are here at your fingertips.
Discord Announcements Aggregation
The Coin Logic keeps track of Discord Announcements for all listed projects. We monitor the servers and aggregate all incoming new announcements in a single place. You can filter the announcements by project, directly view them in their Discord server, and share them with your social groups.
Discord Events Aggregation
The Coin Logic keeps track of Discord Events for all listed projects. We aggregate the data and present it to our viewers in a single place. You can filter the events by project, and date, easily participate, and share them with your social groups.
The Coin Logic has developed a simple yet valuable resource for projects and their communities - a quiz system. Projects can create quizzes and distribute rewards to winners. Test your knowledge by taking TCL quizzes and be eligible to earn rewards!
Automatically convert your project AMAs, meetings, and conferences to text using The Coin Logic AI solution. Summarize, and extract key points, topics, and lists. Save time and resources for your community.
Price per 1 second of audio: ~$0.001749
Price per word: ~$0.000060
Paid in cryptocurrency