Crypto Marketing Strategies - How To Beat Your Competition

Crypto Marketing Strategies - How To Beat Your Competition

Published: 2022-11-21
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Marketing a Cryptocurrency Project

Marketing has never been an easy peasy, and it's no different when it comes to cryptocurrency projects. To begin with, if you're new in the space, you'll need nearly a miracle to get investors to trust your brand. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on something they aren't sure about.

So, if you've come up with a brilliant crypto project, congratulations! But, that's only a step in a thousand-mile journey. Successfully marketing your cryptocurrency starts with first establishing what works and what doesn't through effectively tracking your marketing campaigns. When you get this right, you can then push it with innovative marketing approaches.

This article will break this all down for you. From the importance of tracking your cryptocurrency marketing campaign to powerful marketing strategies, you can adopt for effective marketing.

Understanding the Importance of Tracking Your Marketing Campaign

1. Study Customer Behaviour

By tracking your marketing campaign you can not only know your click-through rates but also who clicked your ads and where they come from.

So, let's say that your business website is gaining a large amount of organic traffic recently, you can trace back to perhaps, a couple of changes you made. In other words, tracking your marketing campaign helps you to identify what works best for your customers.

2. Track the Most Effective Marketing Channels

If you're using multiple marketing channels, you would want to know which channel brings the highest traffic and probably, channel more funds in that direction. There's simply no need to spend heavily on what's not working. Unless you have some sure-fire strategies though.

Your marketing analytics allows you to see where the traffic and increase in sales are coming from. In this way, you can track performance accurately.

3. To Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with Actionable Insights

Successful marketing is understanding what works best, from the marketing plan to the team steering your marketing.

You can better analyze the effectiveness of your marketing team and tools and see where to make adjustments. You can further invest in tools with robust features to make your marketing process less bulky.

4. To Determine the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns

Do you want to know which ads are converting? Then, track your marketing campaign. It's quite simple. It's just like using different baits in fishing to identify which attracts fish the most so that you can stick to it.

If you spent a noteworthy amount on a sales copy, you can know its performance by tracking your marketing campaign. You can measure the effect of adding images or different headlines to your website page. Did more visitors click? Were there more conversions?

With this insight, you can spot those high-ROI campaigns and stick to them or better optimize your campaigns.

Why Do You Need to Track Your Cryptocurrency Project Marketing Campaign?

Below are reasons for tracking your crypto marketing campaign:

● To identify which marketing campaign gets the most result.

● To identify which marketing strategies work best for your audience.

● To increase your chances of conversion.

● To get actionable insights, which drive effective marketing campaigns.

● To be on top of your marketing by consistently creating high-ROI initiatives.

Best Ways to Track my Cryptocurrency Marketing Campaign

Here are some killer strategies to track your cryptocurrency marketing campaign:

1. Build Brand Credibility First

Trust is a big deal in business, especially when it concerns investing. Investors want to be sure they are getting back their money with some extras in due time. You have to include plans to develop trust in your audience from the get-go.

Some helpful ways to do this include;

● Finding out what your audience isn't comfortable with about your brand and improving on them.

● Dishing out real value. Make the audience see you as the best bet when it comes to crypto matters by giving timeless advice.

● Work with a crypto influencer. People started investing heavily in Dogecoin when Elon Musk tweeted about the coin. This is just an example to give you a sneak peek of what a crypto influencer can do for your brand.

● Maintain a positive brand image by establishing a reputation management strategy. This is going to be all about solving customer pain points, handling aggrieved customers, and appreciating or incentivizing customers.

● Be transparent. Keep to promises and avoid misleading or dubious dispositions.

2. Leverage the Power of Communities

Crypto online forums bring people of common interest together to discuss related topics, including new projects. The benefits of joining these communities are numerous.

From connecting with targeted buyers organically to rubbing minds and connecting with crypto professionals and getting insights to improve your project. To make the most of these communities, be interactive.

Engage posts, answer questions and make contributions, and pose questions. Simply make yourself noticed, then introduce your project at the right time.

3. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an agelong marketing strategy. But beyond being popular, it has also proven to be effective and can boost your cryptocurrency marketing efforts.

However, the goal is to first bring your followers into your world before letting out the crypto project alert. Don't start with sales!

Begin with welcome emails, informative emails, new product launch emails, onboarding emails, and other email types that don't scream sales.

4. Dedicate a Website to Your Crypto Project

Having a dedicated website for your crypto project is a crucial part of marketing your marketing efforts. This is where you're going to get leads for your email marketing and other forms of marketing - affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and more.

On your website, put out detailed information about your cryptocurrency project, including your value proposition and road map. Using baits like images to boost user experience. Also, include your contact information so visitors can reach you.


Cryptocurrency project marketing may sound like a herculean task, but don't let that deter you. Once you know the right steps to take, you can enjoy the process. Basically, it's winning people's hearts and then, promoting your project. But importantly, keep an eye on your marketing efforts to know when to restrategize and make more targeted efforts.

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