About The Coin Logic

The Coin Logic is an independent, in-depth cryptocurrency, and NFT data aggregator aimed to simplify data analytics for projects and their communities.

We are focusing on listing audited and kyc'd cryptocurrency, and NFT projects on the platform in order to bring more transparency to the space.

Why did we create The Coin Logic (TCL)?

TCL was created to solve issues that are currently present in the space - data accuracy, trustworthiness, and transparency. After participating in several projects we have noticed that data aggregators like CoinMarketCap, CoinGeck, CoinPaprika, and others all provide the same minimal data without going deeper. Most CMC, CG copies use their APIs to pull data making them fully-dependant on those platforms. This introduced the issue of centralization and data inaccuracy without bringing anything new to the space.

The Coin Logic aims to provide accurate, and transparent data on cryptocurrency projects listed on the platform by:

  • Using an in-house indexing service to pull data from the blockchain
  • Eliminate reliance on third-party data providers thus reducing coupling and centralization
  • Decentralize data aggregation
  • Introduce community-driven research

In order to avoid any political or other plays and data mutations The Coin Logic is developing a decentralized data aggregation solution that will eliminate these issues.

Issues of centralized data aggregators

Most cryptocurrency data aggregators in the space are highly centralized and dependent on third-party providers to pull their data. Operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space we should strive to decentralize the most crucial and vulnerable parts of our systems in order to mitigate data manipulation and increase transparency, and trustworthiness.

Furthermore, centralized data aggregators are primary suspects for data manipulation and event bribery. Money plays a huge role in advertising projects or having them listed in a certain fashion. Previous experiences tell us that even the largest players in this space will eventually succumb to large sums of money or political plays and will affect projects on their platform in some shape or form.

Who created The Coin Logic?

The Coin Logic is owned by the company MB Modiggo. Started by a single developer who is keen on analytics, numbers, and transparency in the blockchain space. TCL is a bootstrapped project without any external or VC funding. This helps us keep our expenses to a minimum and focus on our mission and vision instead of having to cater to shareholders and abide by their rules.

In conclusion, The Coin Logic is a new player in the space that aims to improve upon current data aggregation issues. Our mission is to provide insightful, in-depth, and transparent data to cryptocurrency projects. Our vision is to decentralize cryptocurrency data aggregation, bring transparency through data, and ownership by community.